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We saw dora in VK using SocPlugin

Sawing dora in VK using SocPlugin Hi all. This is another chapter for the XRumer 2020 contest. I decided to give it to the XRumer plugin - SocPlugin. SocPlugin can work with VK, FB, OK and Mamba. The coffin of 2019 - the emergence of 2020 turned out to be not the most prosperous for the sake of doorway workers. Apparently, invisibly, who activated the departure from the doors. Exclamations were heard everywhere, there were no banknotes in the doorways, and Google overcame the doors. The era of doorway depression was coming. The treaty stepped up to unravel everything. It was interesting for me to increase my knowledge in this industry. Parsing fire on doorways in VK. There are a lot of devices in this direction, all adequate paid ones. The actual proceedings are always quite simple. To create a grid of doorways in VK, we need media content (I arrested the illustration base + random text after that) and the flow order. First of all, we need to randomize the representation of our picture. For the test, we arrest an unassuming specimen {Ready|Well, like you? | Admire | Well, not beautiful? We need illustrations now loaded in VK in order to simply load them with the #foto macro. Naturally, I either upload them from google to albums, then I arrest the id of these illustrations and, on the basis of them, I post in groups. Or immediately scoop albums subject groups. So, the photos we have have the nature of the list with the #foto macro. In square brackets id of our album and photo. Log in to VK with SocPlugin support. It is possible to act as in one thread, similarly in multi-account mode. In the devices section, we prefer Plowing with groups. The order of actions. We prefer the item almanac of companies from the file. Click the download button. We prefer groups in which we will post. We prefer the warning item to the group. Enter pre-organized text. We press the start button. For one run, SocPlugin will post after one notification to each group. It is possible to force as many groups as you want. With the connection of any number of accounts. These are the pies that the post looks immaculately. In the SocPlugin settings, there is also the possibility of a looping process. In such categories, even without additional manipulations with others, users activate the assault, the main thing is to systematically post various pictures. I usually fill these categories with photos of half-naked beauties, and, as a rule, I define the same beauty as an administrator. On her page, I define a WhatsApp item with a call to write down or call. Now I merge them into lospollos. It's a pretty simple scheme, but it works. And brings 10-20 bucks a day without much difficulty. Yes, there are expenses, so most often you want more quickly and more, but even this leads to account bans, in most cases for the massive spam of such groups, but I’m going to arrive now in a couple of days. A few moments. From one account it is possible to act except for proxies, if you use multiacc, we unconditionally purchase mobile proxies (it is impossible to save on proxies). Parsing photos is possible with the support of Content Downloader (inexpensive, but very versatile parser). With this method, it is possible to force one hundred rubles regardless of the snow-white groups. Good luck to everyone in working with social networks.

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