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We paint Yandex mail, except for binding to phone numbers. A pack of Zennoposter + XEvil 4.

Kind-hearted to all the delay of the day. On the scale of the competition, http: com/ decided to develop a small manual for using Zennoposter and XEvil 4 mating. I need a thought with complexities, and popular enough to describe it. Causality is the most important stencils such constantly registrars, my case in the same spirit will not be exceptional.

So, we are testing the registration of yandex mails (accounts) using Zennoposter and XEvil 4. which, as if I have already scribbled in previous articles, in the latest version, with lightness decides Yandex captcha

The first thing we need is the mail account counter itself. We will arrest him on the semi-official zenolalab forum https: The sample for the sake of buyers is free. But I think the demo will work in the same spirit. Without touching the particulars, the sample is excellent.

The sample allows you to capture mail using, or without, sms services (the possibility of blocking such accounts is below). The standard requires a proxy and an anti-captcha key.

Instead of anti-captcha, I will utilize XEvil 4. Installation seems to be constantly more elementary.

Prescribes a moral or external ip (if you are working with a remote computer), in my case it is 127. Press the button Hostst

Prescribes a moral or external ip (if you are working with a remote computer), in my case it is 127. Press the button Hostst

We have to consume 4 proxies, two with a change of ip at a time in 600 seconds and 2 with a change of ip every 120 seconds. The second roosters were slow for the test. I got this one with a head in order to fix 100 Yandex accounts.

The beauty is that using mobile proxies we do not need to connect the sms service. Such "boxes" are banned much less frequently.

The sample works. Accounts are registered. From time to time errors appear, apparently, when changing ip during registration.

After the moment we have 57 accounts. In the same vein, the sample protects profiles with cookies for the sake of later account service, this will come in handy.

XEvil 4. works flawlessly. From 105 requests 0 errors. 4 options extremely pleased with the solution of recapcha 2, and 100% Yandex captcha.

No need to try to roll up for mail other than the attached profile. On the scale of many Yandex accounts, this can be forgiven. if you launch a multiple authorization test, or activate multiple authorizations other than the profile, Yandex will activate requesting the number binding. Either link numbers immediately, or use accounts carefully.

In XRumer, use accounts exclusively with a link after sms. Use free sms services to confirm accounts.

What the hell else to use Yandex accounts, it seems to me that it is not necessary to narrate.

Document of the standard https: sk/d/r3sUq_DCblaalQ, if anyone wants to try to fix decent accounts on the demo.

Good luck to all.

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