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Sawing doorways with XRumer 2022

Hi all. I continue to fill out my blog while participating in the XRumer 2020 contest. The chapter “Doorway Sawing with XRumer 2020” will be devoted to one of the many methods to produce doorways, and earn money through third-party sites. So, the essence of the scheme is covered in the field of sites, in which it is possible to unsubscribe the title tag in addition to the post. To achieve the desired result, forums, as well as specific engines, bulletin boards, reviews and some other types of sites, where the rectifier is located on a separate page, are useful. Impeccably such pages We will look for. Dora I'll be tinkering under google causality lately it's always harder to turn to act for your own sites, outside sites will be screwed up by relative donors. I will search for donors in google by hand. Do not be alarmed, there will not be too many uncomplaining services. First of all, we need a project in order to weed out what is always inappropriate for our task. To achieve the desired result, let's create a calculation and add a unique label to the line. Let's run it through any bases that we have. It should hit the time for google to discover these links on its own, causality we need sites that google likes. I waited immaculately for a week after posting and went to look for my remark on google with the request af62194ee4c05929d8625cb932fdf83b (our relative label) The real setup is somewhat different (each title is unique for me) so google indexes them better than 100500 of the same. I post in the default form in an aggressive mode. In general, 100 sites were guided by my source. These are potential donors. With whom it is possible to work. Next, we need to manually look for suitable sites. The fundamental criterion is the existence of a functional hyperlink and post text. We check that the title is positively ours, or that our key is placed in the title. We take these donors and make a base out of them. For this, in order not to loop this whole process, I parsed the donors and will master the review after the diverse pages of these sites. Content organization. Like content We will charge bing snippets. com, which were originally parsed using the Content Downloader program (or any other parser that you know how to work with).

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