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CMS for online stores ocStore v3.x

Are pleased to announce ocStore v3.x based on OpenCart v2.x

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First Overview

This is the first review of the photos here, you can write a lot of what that text that describes the photo review and says what and how and why what :-) This is the first review of the photos here, you can write a lot of what that text that describes the photo review and says what and how and why what :-) This is the first review of the photos here, you can write a lot of what that text that describes the photo review and says what and how and why what :-) This is the first review of the photos here, you can write a lot of what that text that describes the photo review and says what and how and why what :-) This is the first review of the photos here, you can write a lot of what that text that describes the photo review and says what and how and why what :-) This is the first review of the photos here, you can write a lot of what that text that describes the photo review and says what and how and why what :-) This is the first review of the photos here, you can write a lot of what that text that describes the photo review and says what and how and why what :-) This is the first review of the photos here, you can write a lot of what that text that describes the photo review and says what and how and why what :-) This is the first review of the photos here, you can write a lot of what that text that describes the photo review and says what and how and why what :-) ..

Важная статья

Это очень важная статья которую нужно прочитать всем важным людям про важные события важных людей :-)..

We post where XRumer can't. Bundle Content Downloader + Zenoposter + XEvil…

Hi all. Time by time I try to find places for spam where there are larger filters and there is no ability to always spam with simple post-get requests.My insignificant invention froze the https service: Yes, as if XRumer was found out, it can spam comments not so much on elderly “dragged” blogs and forums, for which there was no moderation, but also on fairly well-known resources.The problem is that to consume enough apparently-invisibly probable resources for the sake of XRumer, with one exception, it cannot fix accounts in similar services. So, for the test, I fixed one account, arrested the hyperlink in the formatcom/ U:porefcheckpres P:and tried to log in using the “Test” shape. XRumer logged in, but did not post anything significantly. I took the hyperlink for the rectifier in the unmasked comments and added a login there with a password requirement to try to post in the commentsutm_content=main_block&utm_source=recommended&mode=reply#add_comment U: porefcheckpres P:And XRumer impresses the case. The rectifier I needed was found in the https comments: I took out my aged precious Content Downloader, scribbled a little, scribbled the calculation, activated the parsing of the always energetic entries from livejournal. I took the user ranks, the news ranks, the master page, and the fresh news subcategories. Spared around 10k pages after a few minutes (thanks to Content Downloader and its crazy performance). Clearing the results in the same spirit borrowed a couple of minutes. I brought all the links to the above option (with login and password) and threw the posting with the XRumer program, which seems to work infinitely quickly and can post after comments in 300-400 threads without any problems. After quite a bit of knocking, the posting was completed, but the account was also banned somewhere in the course. Yes, without it. But for these, conditional, 10 minutes, I received about 300 transitions to the site. In my opinion, this was cool. It was necessary ..

IKS parameter check from yandex. We take high-quality bases for the sake of runs. Pack Zenoposter + XEvil

Hello everyone, the next competitive chapter will be devoted to the analysis of domains for ICS volumes, as well as several other parameters that are shown in the yandex webmasters panel. Some Internet professionals always continue to act rigorously in the ru sector of the web, and for this reason, the analysis of the signs of trust in the actual ru domains is still relevant. Coefficient Anonymous is one of the general signs of a trust for the sake of ru domains. Since the large number is important for us and spamming, I'm already used to regardless of the costs, I immediately arrested all registered ru domains and decided to examine them by mating Zenoposter + XEvil. I arrested the sample after the hyperlink https: For the sake of parsing, I arrested the basis here https: Setting up the calculation is not difficult. There are only two points. If the main one is always clear, because I will dwell on the second one in more detail. For some reason, a pack of Zenoposter + XEvil for template anti-gate and captchas were constantly sent distorted on various projects. In the captcha module settings of the zenoposter, the anti-gate balance was not shown, however, the control always had to work. Respectfully, the balance was reflected exclusively on the sleeve. And the jester knows where this glitch comes from, but it doesn’t make sense for me to know, the causality of XEvil emulates any captcha definition service with airiness and solves tens of thousands of captcha options with airiness. I threw the calculation in addition to proxies, in order to see if it is possible to get by with what to consume by hand. At the first turn, there were no captchas at all, however, the pace of approbation did not suit me extremely. I increased the abundance of threads initially to 5 (I have a 5th threaded version). But the tempo to the drum did not fit into the time frame I needed. It happened to record the calculation for post get requests. This greatly speeded up the check. By ..

We study the indicators of sites. Indexing. XSEO Checker + XEvil

Hi all. Too bad the contest is over now. There was so much more to write. So much to tell. Share so much. But, I think, the incoming competition will not keep you waiting. I’ll take part in it, besides, I’ll probably continue to force the blog and time after a while to post something into it. But let's not overtake time and continue to serve on competitive articles. The current chapter will be combined with the parameters that I constantly need to monitor, but actually "indexing". I already scribbled earlier that I was doing doorways. After a while, I accumulate so many domains that it is simply impossible to check them manually. Third-party software comes to the rescue in the given case, this is XSEOChecker, and since in working with search engines we are forced to solve non-stop XEvil captchas, it will be the best of the best conclusion in this project to date. To test the indexing of my sites (doorways), I first chose zenoposter and one from free templates, but already from the main ones I had a lot of problems. Initially, the sample activated to squabble over to my proxies, after purchasing mobiles, the sample activated to act in an arcuate manner with captcha. I already thought that there was a problem with the captcha in XEvil and he was not in a position to deal with it...

We reduce the likelihood of a ban in social networks. Spamming Socplugin using spacers.

Hi all. The problem is quite topical, given that social ties are temperamentally implanting a variety of anti-spam systems. For us restless enthusiasts, it shines to decipher the schemes after bypassing the data of the systems themselves. We are unlikely to be able to completely get rid of bans, but we will definitely be able to reduce their number. So, the first point about running mutiaccounts is a proxy. We use only two types of proxies, such as mobile proxies or any other private ipv4 proxies that are traded in certain hands. Moreover, mobile proxies are quite good, however they have one drawback, every minute providers that implement such proxies determine demanding uptimes and reset the formation of any 2-4 minutes, thereby changing ip. It would be nice for us to exchange ip only after a series of certain actions, say, with simple spam. I'm using https: I have proxy replacement configured after the API. Sometimes the calculation draws the processing, I start the change of proxies. The second variety is designated proxies. It is customary to dispose of such proxies to hide your own ip with a small number of accounts. Apply, the main flies with them quite neatly. And put them on already debugged schemes. The second point is randomization. If you work with any social network with Socplugin support, you should forget about uniformity...

Where to get trust sites under XRumer "next edition". Search and use of "gaskets" in runs.

Hi all. Continuing a series of notes for the XRumer contest, I decided to discover another topic of interest to everyone - the search and the use of spacers in spam. For most, this topic is not new, but it has not been covered at all. Someone is used for the sake of dorov, someone for snow-white projects. In full border, every reader of XRumer is forced to discover for himself such a figure of hyperlinks as if they were spacers. Some believe that pads are ready to patch up the unfavorable moments of a bad reference and, at that very time, broadcast the weight of the page to which it links. The “gray” reference in 2020 will line up using spacers with XRumer support. So what is a gasket. This is a site, some will redirect to our internet site and some We will spam. The most famous pads I know of are goo. gl and bit. The first one has now outlived itself, the second one lives again, but not as epic as it was a couple of years ago. For edification, a couple of years ago, it was enough to “feed” google such a hyperlink as if a low-competitive issue stopped in the top 10 really instantly. For a more or less competitive query, there were a fair number of related links. In other words, Google passed their trust through a redirect and doorway workers, besides, the snow-white Internet masters, in addition to a twinge of conscience, utilized this trick. This is the first type of spacers, or let's call them link shorteners. They exist to a large extent, let's say https: ru/ was quite recently decently utilized for the sake of a faster top in yandex for low competitive requests. Moreover, in the scope of many millions of pages per day. Immediately, the special effect froze clearly further, however, if you walk past the number of such pages in the search results after the death (24 hours), you will see that it is disposed of and quite often indeed. Leisurely We came to the second question. Where can I find these links. We will look for them by the way in the issuance ..

We parse paramount words. Key Collector + XEvil

Hi all. The idea of ​​the following note came here a long time ago, but there was always not enough time for its implementation. Methods for extracting and analyzing keywords are in demand not only by doorkeepers, but also by normal webmasters. We will utilize the Key Collector + XEvil binding. The search engine with which I will collect sources is yandex. So, let's move on to setting up the project. First of all, we need yandex accounts. As you remember, I showed that it was elementary to fix accounts in one of the previous https notes: I checked, after a couple of weeks live the account plot...

Where to get trust sites under XRumer "continue"

Hi all. The competition continues, and it is necessary to be in time to capture at least some place in it. So, the problem is not new enough, I scribbled about it on the forum http: com/ and, due to the increased enthusiasm for it, I decided to paint it in more detail. Numerous spam. We arrest any base, spam in almost all formations (I don’t really bother with similar ones and spam in an aggressive default mode). After we arrest the issuance of google and monitor with handles, that is, with software (in bondage through tasks) We organize the calculation in a good body of the plan, we write a warning 7bcf5b79eba2ad7852254d79dafe5b4d (any exceptional set of characters that is not available in google) + Any of our Internet sites (some satellite or a new test rank to which there are no links) The same rank is entered into all possible plans of the plan in the topic in the view in the glade, the family page, and so on. We spam all this into any database. We add the rank to the google search console All links that will come out there in the hyperlink section (for 1-2 weeks) will be our base. In the same vein, we monitor the search for google manually using 7bcf5b79eba2ad7852254d79dafe5b4d for the given key and domain over the past day, week, month. We are looking for what google has indexed without any currents on our part. The faster google indexes something and thank God the score will be in the end. In general, in a couple of weeks you will have a decent hundred rubles or thousands of sites, after which you will scold your satellites and doras. Or a fundamental calculation by means of a gasket. Spam after the key. We approach google in a semi-manual system and parse the issue after the main word that captivates you 500-1000 res. We are testing what XRumer is able to do with them, what we are given the opportunity to work out with pens (we kill a pile of delay - but we find a sincere "grail"). Consume apparently-invisibly fertile resources where XRumer is..

We saw dora in VK using SocPlugin

Sawing dora in VK using SocPlugin Hi all. This is another chapter for the XRumer 2020 contest. I decided to give it to the XRumer plugin - SocPlugin. SocPlugin can work with VK, FB, OK and Mamba. The coffin of 2019 - the emergence of 2020 turned out to be not the most prosperous for the sake of doorway workers. Apparently, invisibly, who activated the departure from the doors. Exclamations were heard everywhere, there were no banknotes in the doorways, and Google overcame the doors. The era of doorway depression was coming. The treaty stepped up to unravel everything. It was interesting for me to increase my knowledge in this industry. Parsing fire on doorways in VK. There are a lot of devices in this direction, all adequate paid ones. The actual proceedings are always quite simple. To create a grid of doorways in VK, we need media content (I arrested the illustration base + random text after that) and the flow order. First of all, we need to randomize the representation of our picture. For the test, we arrest an unassuming specimen {Ready|Well, like you? | Admire | Well, not beautiful? We need illustrations now loaded in VK in order to simply load them with the #foto macro. Naturally, I either upload them from google to albums, then I arrest the id of these illustrations and, on the basis of them, I post in groups. Or immediately scoop albums subject groups. So, the photos we have have the nature of the list with the #foto macro. In square brackets id of our album and photo. Log in to VK with SocPlugin support. It is possible to act as in one thread, similarly in multi-account mode. In the devices section, we prefer Plowing with groups. The order of actions. We prefer the item almanac of companies from the file. Click the download button. We prefer groups in which we will post. We prefer the warning item to the group. Enter pre-organized text. We press the start button. For one run, SocPlugin will post after one noti..

The influence of the link in the promotion of doorways

In conclusion, I decided to abandon one article. Somehow about the influence of the background for the deepening of doorways. For the test, I took the rank of the third spirit level of one of the newly registered domains. Found web pages on the keys in a column in the classic understanding of doorway building. 50,000 pages. He put on a non-original wordpress sample and on the tenth of April he threw a doorway like a joke. At the same time, I threw XRumer posting for two servers on absolutely all the databases that I have. Of the bases, this is the default huge base + the tramp of 10 million + fairly self-assembled bases. On one server I threw posting for direct, for the second posting through trust pads. As a rule, shortcuts for hyperlinks and trust hyperlinks from social networks and other sites that were generated unconsciously and manually written (something like crowd links). In general, two servers worked hard for three weeks over the reference and already 20 quantities I experienced the first traffic. Initially, it was small, in turn on my other dors (in the general domain, I get from 20 to 100 hosts on days of narrow traffic) On April 27 active upward progress began. Dor took the top spot on several pages, which I temperamentally promoted. For quite a few days, the web pages were in the top, after that they quickly moved to the bottom, I thought it was a fiasco, but two days later it started to be a little slower, but still rise to the previous level. To everyone who claims that the reference does not function, here is direct evidence to the contrary. For edification, I can say that the subject of dora is rather narrow and this is certainly not the limit of traffic, but still an infinitely decent indicator. So, some analytics. I have discarded the order of 10 million links in a holistic way for web pages. Around 200 spacer hyperlinks were generated for each page. I took pads from GSA indexing (with PR of 6) All popular hyperlink shorteners and..

Getting ready to start a career

                                         About the webinarFree webinar "Getting ready to start a career". The webinar is ideal for: those who are interested in programming, developers in search of a new specialization.You will find out:what is the demand for developers and how much they earn;which format of employment to to make a resume to get a lot of offers;life hacks for preparing for an interview and passing it;The speaker is Daniil Pilipenko, founder and Director of the SymbioWay IT Specialist Recruitment Center. He has been working in the field of Java and web development for 17+ years. 50+ presentations at seminars and conferences.YOU CAN SPECIFY VIA SKYPE LOGIN POKRAS7777 OR VIA TELEGRAM @pokras777 OR EMAIL BIKON777@YANDEX.EN ALSO OUR GROUP IN TELEGRAM OR SKYPE GROUP..

coding for beginners

                                           About the webinarFree webinar "Getting to know languages in practice". You will get acquainted with various languages and directions in programming and learn about the profession of a developer. You will understand what is more interesting to you, and choose the appropriate specialization.The webinar is ideal for: those who are interested in programming, developers in search of a new specialization.At the first webinar we will discuss:the work of the program code;popular IT specialties in Russia and in the world;programming languages Java, Python;frontend development technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.the software testing process.The speaker is Daniil Pilipenko, founder and Director of the SymbioWay IT Specialist Recruitment Center. He has been working in the field of Java and web development for 17+ years. 50+ presentations at seminars and conferences.YOU CAN SPECIFY VIA SKYPE LOGIN POKRAS7777 OR VIA TELEGRAM @pokras777 OR EMAIL BIKON777@YANDEX.EN ALSO OUR GROUP IN TELEGRAM ..


                                                       bases for the crum mixNowadays website promotion is an integral part of Internet business. To do this, there are many tools, one of which is the Hrumer software package. It allows you to automate the promotion process, but good bases are needed for its effective operation.One of the most important components of the Crum is databases for various types of reference mass: blogs, forums, guest books, etc. In this article, we will look at the base for the Mix Crum – a universal solution for creating a natural link profile on the site.Introduction to the world of Crum and Mix DatabasesHrumer is a software for automating website promotion in search engines. With the help of the crum, you can quickly and efficiently create links to your site, which contributes to its growth in search results.To work with the crum, databases are needed – these are lists of sites that will be used when creating links. Databases can be of various types: open (sites that are accessible to everyone) or closed (sites that only subscribers have access to).Mix databases are lists from different sources combined into one database. Mix databases allow you to expand the reach of the target audience and increase the effectiveness of website promotion.One of the advantages of mix databases is a large volume of potential sites for placing links. In addition, the mix bases contain a variety of information, which contributes to the naturalness of the promotion process.It is important to note that working with the crum and mix databases requires a certain level of knowledge and experience. Improper use of the program and databases can lead to negative consequences, such as a drop in the position of the site in search results or even blocking it from search engines.Therefore, before starting to work with the crum and..

buy advertising on the internet

\buy advertising on the internetIn the modern world, advertising is an integral part of any business. It helps to attract the attention of potential customers, increase sales and increase brand awareness. And if earlier the main channel for advertising was television, radio and newspapers, today Internet platforms are gaining more and more popularity.Buying online advertising can be a very effective way to promote your business. However, this process requires certain knowledge and skills to achieve the best results. In this article, we will look at the main aspects of buying advertising space on the Internet, share tips on choosing sites and placement formats, and also give a number of useful recommendations for a successful campaign.Introduction to Online Advertising and its advantagesOnline advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote goods and services in the modern world. You can buy advertising on the Internet on various platforms, such as social networks, search engines, news sites, etc.The main advantages of online advertising are:1. Target audience: the ability to accurately identify your target audience and direct advertising only to it.2. Cost-effectiveness: the ability to choose an advertising format depending on the campaign budget and launch it even with a small amount.3. Measurability: the ability to track the results of an advertising campaign and adjust it in the process.4. Flexibility: the ability to quickly change the content of advertising or its location depending on market requirements.Buying advertising on the Internet is not only an effective way of promotion, but also an affordable tool for any business that helps to achieve high results at minimal cost.Various options for advertising on the Internet: contextual, banner, social and othersThere are many different options for advertising on the Internet. Contextual advertising is a technology for displaying advertisements on pages corresponding to the keywords by which the user is l..

how to promote a website

how to promote a websiteNowadays, when every company strives to occupy its niche on the Internet, website promotion has become a necessary component of a successful business. Without a successful website promotion, it remains invisible to potential customers and loses its significance. However, how to properly promote the site and attract the target audience? In this article, we will look at the basic steps that will help you get more visitors to your site.Before starting work on promotion, it is necessary to define goals and objectives. They can be different: increasing the number of orders, increasing brand awareness, or simply expanding the audience. Each next stage of promotion should be aimed precisely at achieving these goals. This will allow you to focus on specific methods and save resources in the promotion process.Assessment of the current state of the siteBefore you start promoting a website, you need to evaluate its current state. To do this, you can use special site analysis tools that allow you to identify technical errors, content problems and other possible obstacles to promotion.One of these tools is Google Analytics. It will help you find out the number of visitors on the site, the time they spent on the page, as well as analyze the behavior of users on the site. This data will help determine the effectiveness of the current content and identify weaknesses.Another useful tool is Google Search Console. With its help, you can track the position of your site in search results, analyze user requests and identify errors when indexing pages.When assessing the current state of the site, it is worth paying attention to the following indicators:1. Page loading speed 2. Ease of site navigation 3. Quality of content (relevance, uniqueness) 4. Adaptability to mobile devices 5. Availability of meta tags and keywordsAfter evaluating the current state of the site, you can start developing a promotion strategy. It may include optimizing the content and code of the..

Monetization of Telegrams

At this point in time, the author of this course has stoppedthe gift promotion in the form of a PDF file, which is discussed inthis video, but it is not particularly needed!This tool continuesto gain popularity with no less force, since itis a technology IT IS NOT SPAMand it does NOT require additional costs for thepurchase of consumables necessary to workin similar programs!   To get instructions click on the button belowand in the telegram bot do 2 simple actions:   1. Click on the START button 2. Send the bot a secret command /s67(always with a slash)======>>>> take the formula..

bases for the xrumer Comments

The base of comments for the crum is for sale the base of the mix was going to March April 2023, it was stamped for duplicates and for 200 ok the size of the base is 994 thousand pieces the base is intended for posting comments by the program crumYOU CAN SPECIFY VIA SKYPE LOGIN POKRAS7777 OR VIA TELEGRAM @pokras777 OR EMAIL BIKON777@YANDEX.EN ALSO OUR GROUP IN TELEGRAM OR SKYPE GROUP..


Xrumer is a program for automatically posting messages and creating links on forums, blogs, social networks and other resources. It was developed by a team of Belarusian programmers and at the moment there are several versions of the program.Hrumer is one of the most popular tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and spam. It is used by many webmasters and marketers to promote their sites in search engines, create backlinks and generate traffic.The main features of Hrumer include automatic registration on forums, posting messages with the generation of unique content, creating user profiles, distributing links to various resources, and much more. The program also has built-in algorithms to bypass spam protection, captcha and other verification mechanisms.It is important to note that the use of a Crum for spam or the creation of unwanted links may contradict the policies of search engines and web hosting prov..

Collect Trust Sites

Trust sites refer to authoritative and reliable resources on the Internet. Here I will provide some tips on how to find and use trust sites: 1. Use search engines: Google, Yandex and other popular search engines strive to provide results with the most relevant and authoritative sites. Often, sites that appear in the top search results can be considered trusted sites. 2. Use recommendations from professionals: Posts, blogs, podcasts and forums related to your area of interest or topic may publish lists of trusted sites, recommendations from experts and links to authoritative resources. However, you should always check and double-check the information provided on these resources. 3. Check domains: Pay attention to website domains. Typically, sites with domains .gov (government organizations), .edu (educational institutions), .org (non-profit organizations) are considered more trustworthy. 4. Use trusted sources: Some well-known and respected media outlets, such as CNN, BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian and others, have a good reputation and are considered trusted. Therefore, you can often rely on the information offered on their websites. 5. Check site authority: Use tools like SimilarWeb or Alexa to learn about a specific site's traffic and rankings. But it is important to understand that the trustworthiness of a site can vary and depend on its specific area or context. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to critically evaluate information from different sources and conduct fact-checking, especially when looking for important or controversial information. YOU CAN PURCHASE BASES BY CONTACTING TELEGRAM @POKRAS777 OR SKYPE POKRAS7777..

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